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Happy Father's Day 2019


Dearest Dad, 

I know you are old! But I think we should have a fun London trip where I don't make you put up shelves or where I pour red wine over you!! Sooooo take in the inspiration + research and complete the survey below!


Big Love Al Pal! x

Just wanted to find out how you would like to celebrate being my dad with me!
If you came to stay at mine in London would you prefer to:
Do you want Mum to come?
Date preferences?

Thanks for submitting!

The book of Morm.jpg
wine tasting in walthamstow.jpeg
takis at Tate Modern.jpg
no bu.jpg


Theatre, The Book of Mormon

Wine Tasting, In Vino Veritas, Walthamstow

Temperate House, Kew Gardens, Walthamstow

Takis Exhibition, Tate Modern

Japanese, Dinner

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