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Alex McCorkindale Producer
Neil Mackinnon, Touring and Commissions Manager

Southbank Centre

"Alex is an extraordinary producer, project manager, communicator and generally just a great person to have around. Working with her on one of Southbank Centre's most ambitious and complex touring projects was a thoroughly rewarding experience both in terms of process and outcome.


She holds her commitment to the highest standards of output and solutions focussed attitude under pressure along with the greatest care for the people she works with, in a unique and effective balance as a professional. These attributes, coupled with her breadth of knowledge and depth of experience across the creative industries make her a real force to be reckoned with. She's also able to make a great cup of tea. Most of the time."

Steven Camden (Polarbear), Director


"I work with Alex because I trust her completely. That sounds like a simple reason, but for me, after working in the arts for almost nine years now, that is a rare thing and one that I hold very dear. My trust revolves around not only her professionalism and organisation skills which are amazing, but her connection to the work she undertakes that lets me as an artist feel like she is on the same page and wants to be immersed in whatever we are working on.


I know that Alex has her finger on the pulse of the arts world and that her wealth of knowledge comes with the humility and genuine child like excitement for ideas and their impact that (in my experience) is often lacking in the people who make projects happen.

If Alex doesn't get it, she will say she doesn't get it and ask questions until she does get it and then if she likes it and is excited, you couldn't have anybody better steering your ship."


Alex McCorkindale Participation Producer
Alex McCorkindale Project Manager
Jess Southwood, Director

Purple Monster

"Alex is a woman who demands a superlative. Creative, inspiring, bright, and super-efficient, she is an asset to any project team. I think the most pertinent praise I can offer, though, is that she makes it look and feel easy for our clients - the phrase "silent running" springs to mind. She just gets stuff done. You never have to worry about the millions of seemingly small things that can easily derail a complex event.


Alex has the additional virtue of being enormously fun to work with, something that can't be underestimated in the pressure cooker environment of a global conference. Simply: Alex is a world class project manager and a pleasure to be around!"

Helga Henry, Director

Creative Shift


"There are not many people that I would trust to run a group for me if I was not available.  There are not many people who make it onto Creative Shift’s books as associate trainers. 


Alex McCorkindale is both trusted by me to facilitate groups and get results AND she is a Creative Shift associate trainer.  For me, that shows that she has fantastic listening skills and is empathic.  But it also means that she is task oriented and can keep a group on task and on time.  She is authentic and honest in her presentation and that inspires trust and responsiveness from her participants. I recommend her and her services whole-heartedly.  Not least because I know that reading this from me will make her blush.  That’s part of her charm!"


Alex McCorkindale Facilitator
Alex McCorkindale Producer
Dorothy Wilson, CEO & Artistic Director

mac birmingham

"Alex's passion for creative adventure and her talent for organisation are clear from the outset. Alex has a strong and abiding commitment to making arts accessible to everyone and a real knack of finding new ways of making partnerships and projects happen. 


Alex delivers work consistently to a high standard and her personal and professional integrity shine through all she does.  Alex is an enthusiastic, resourceful and inclusive manager, contributing her ideas and energy as well as her sense of humour and her considerable ability to every team, whether she is the leader or a team member."

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